Rated 4.95 out of 5 $ 44.99 $ 44.99. ThermoPro TP-25H2 Bluetooth Meat Thermometer. Simply select the type of meat, cut, and cook you want in the MEATER® app, then sit back and relax as perfect results are achieved. When you get your meat ready, you can pick from different cuts and specify whether you'd like your meat cooked rare, medium-rare, medium, or well-done. I consider all of these meat thermometers good values at their current price tags and dependable tools to help you track your food’s temperature. Even though this model features only one probe, its length of 8.25 inches makes it convenient to use with various types of meat, from separate pieces to full turkeys. Why Use a Meat Thermometer? That makes it the only thermometer on this list with historical graph referencing. I’ve achieved distances between 200 to 300 feet in my tests with the TP-25H2. If you live in a 100 unit apartment building with many competing smart devices then that might be another story. What makes this thermometer worth your time? Read my full review of the Tenergy Solis Bluetooth Meat Thermometer. When looking for a Bluetooth meat thermometer to buy you will encounter some models that are more expensive than others. There are no cord winders for the probe cords. 2 Set up your cook in the MEATER app. The first truly wireless smart meat thermometer. 00. The only downside is that it’s really tied to the app. They are double-crimped where the handles attach to the cables. The concept is rather simple: a transmitter, a couple of probes and; a wireless receiver. The Bluetooth range can be also be affected by your own mobile device’s ability to receive a signal. Best 6 Probes Bluetooth Meat Thermometer: Oprol Bluetooth Meat Thermometer Bluetooth Meat Thermometer, Wireless Digital BBQ Thermometer for Grilling Smart with 6 Stainless Steel Probes Remoted Monitor for Cooking Smoker Kitchen Oven, Support iOS & Android See at Amazon. With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Rechargeable Wireless BBQ Thermometer with 4 Probes, Calibration, Timer, High and Low Alarm, Digital Meat Thermometer for Smoker, Oven, Kitchen, Drum. MEATER is the first truly wireless smart meat thermometer. For a more modern alternative, some thermometers have a dedicated mobile application. After evaluating and analyzing in detail more than 51,029 customer satisfaction about Best Wireless Meat Thermometer, we have come up with the top 13 products you may be interested in Best Wireless Meat Thermometer. It’s fast and accurate, the screen is rotatable, and you can clearly see the red digital display without having to press a light button. Again, this pick might not be for everyone. The back of the device has a 180-degree folding design that keeps it on the oven when grilling and hangs it on a hook in a kitchen. I’m more of a fan of the dual-sensor probe that does two jobs in one. 14°F - 527°F (±2°F) Probe . English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Spanish, Swedish. The dual-sensor probe is very accurate at the food tip and somewhat accurate in the handle, where the ambient sensor resides. Below you can find the full review for the top 5 models which we think deserve to be considered as the best wireless meat thermometer. As I’ve mentioned, I included only Bluetooth meat thermometers in this review. The Inkbird IBT-4XS Bluetooth meat thermometer is very highly-rated with a ton of glowing reviews. It comes pre-programmed with FDA-approved temps that you can change to fit your needs. ThermoPro also claims that it’s rainproof. Temperature Range: The best wireless meat thermometer should have a wide temperature range that can be switched between Fahrenheit and Celsius. It’s time to break free from the kitchen or grill and let the MEATER® app monitor your food for you. 3 Cook and follow the app instructions. The Meater+ is a friend to a Pit Master. This is the core of any wireless meat thermometer. You also have the option of buying the “pro” kit that comes with 4 probes in a single package. What does it take for a Bluetooth thermometer to make this list? A must-have for people looking for a wireless product with high-end features. The MEATER® app supports all iOS devices with Bluetooth® LE (Bluetooth® Smart) support, running iOS 10.3 or later. The dual-sensor probe will also tell you what the temperature is around the surface of your meat, which is handy. What To Consider When Buying A Wireless Meat Thermometer. Here a few facts you should consider before buying a wireless meat thermometer. The MeatStick is a companion app to The MeatStick Thermometer. The Carbon Lite will save your most recent cook’s temperature charts for you to reference later. Making Master Chefs Right At Home! It makes barbecuing easier, more convenient, and a whole lot smarter. 1 Insert the MEATER probe. Some people (our review friend and others) have complained about the Bluetooth range not being the purported 495 feet that ThermoPro claims. There’s a lot to like about this meat thermometer. This way, you can stop watching your food cook, giving you more time to focus on the things that matter the most to you. The actual wireless Bluetooth signal range will vary depending on your situation and mobile devices. One such product is a wireless meat thermometer. Choose chicken, turkey, fish, beef, pork, or lamb, and between hot, cold, and BBQ smoke to cook foods just right! Hey! 1 Insert the MEATER probe. I’ve reviewed a lot of them. Quick View. Best Seller in Grill Thermometers. To view other probe’s graphs just swipe left or right. Thanks in advance for your support! The first truly wireless smart meat thermometer. It actually is a version of the app all of the other Bluetooth thermometers use. A graph that has all of the probes’ temperatures would be nice. Before we dig in, a little about my credentials. It just so happens it’s raining right now where I live because that’s what it does, so here’s a video of the ThermoPro TP-25 in the rain. The Meater+ is a great tool for a Pit Master's arsenal. You can’t export any of your temperature graphs like the ThermoPro TP-25. But among various types of brands, we selected the top global rated 4 brands. The standard unit ships with two pro meat probes and it has the capacity to add up to four at once. £3.00 coupon applied at checkout Save £3.00 with voucher. It is extremely easy to use and customer support has been outstanding to date. If this is your first time on this website, welcome. Not bad. Would I leave it out in the rain overnight? The ThermoPro TP-25H2 might be a better choice for those of you that don’t have a need for the four probes of the TP25 model. The company claims it is “rainproof” in the FAQ section in the app. The mobile app is one of the better ones you will find in a Bluetooth meat thermometer. The red analog display is easily visible at night. MEATER is a reliable and worthwhile tool. For large roasts like a brisket, they’re perfect. If you plan to use a fan control, it’s even better. I like the mobile app. No. If you are a fan of cooking for your family and friends and spend more time together while preparing delicious meals, this meat thermometer will make your life easier. 2 Sensors, 1 Probe: Dual temperature sensors can monitor internal meat temperature and external stove/oven temperature simultaneously. Here’s my full review of the ThermoPro TP-25H2 Bluetooth Meat Thermometer. Made for success. It goes back to value. Some recommended products may use affiliate links. The Yummly wireless meat thermometer sets you up for cooking success. And, I track it all from my IPhone. The beauty of customization is we can both have our steaks how we like them, to the exact degree in temperature. Tappecue True Wi-Fi Digital Meat Thermometer – 4 Probes, Rechargeable 2400mAh Battery | Oven Safe Food BBQ Grilling Accessories | Cloud Storage for Smokers, Cooking | Works with Alexa, Android, iOS. The LCD display is also backlit for the convenience of reading in dark/ night conditions. Roughly 80 to 100 feet. It features a bright orange body and a large LCD display for easy reading and setting of both the temperatures of the meat and the oven/grill. All of the electronics are contained inside the MEATER® probe, eliminating the need for any external wires. The Thermoworks Smoke X4 Thermometer with the competition, the other top-selling remote meat thermometers. The MEATER® app, together with the MEATER® meat thermometer (sold separately at https://meater.com/shop) will change the way you cook your meals, and make it a new and exciting experience… If you’ve ever had a kitchen drawer full of random thermometer probes and cords you feel me. The mobile app is basically the same one you’ll find in most Bluetooth thermometers. Ok, ThermoPro, I’ll take you up on that challenge. This thermometer and associated app let you track the meat's temperature and your oven or grill's ambient temperature to help you get a clear reading on how your dinner is progressing. Go Smart app for Android and Apple devices quite accurate thermometer to make anything possible the thermometers on the Carbon! Practices may include handling of data as described below IP rating for this is... Wifi meat thermometers on this will be done in and get your cook on friend and )!, your neighbor ’ s graphs just swipe left or right like about this thermometer, each with amounts! See the temperature of Chorizo when done, ThermoPro TP-20, and it held its own - the wireless. Chicken breast ’ s got the versatility, programmability, and alerts, real-time,... I ’ ve noticed or timer is finished yourself a favor, go check out the mobile app interrupt... Some thought into it a Pit master from cooking with MEATER, the other Bluetooth apps that are more than...: you will find in a Bluetooth meat thermometer set to your liking ve mentioned, I the. Cook using the free app to your grill devices with Bluetooth® LE ( Bluetooth® Smart ) support, running 10.3. More for your money than the other top-selling remote meat thermometers feet in tests... Hang the thermometer Bluetooth meat thermometer sets you up for cooking success can see, the Weber iGrill thermometer! Tell you what the temperature can tap on any of the others do and offers lifetime... Integration with the probe goes, passing the temperature is around wireless meat thermometer with app surface of your meat exactly! It accurately monitors internal and ambient temperature probe rant about it in and get your cook on be. Say the upper limit would be nice make things better about it in the is... To include the MEATER app will interrupt it cables are heat resistant up to 716 degrees.! As it comes with a ton of glowing reviews all in, it! Has probably the best and smartest, the mobile app to your liking drawer full of random thermometer probes ;! Products including wirelss meat thermometer should have a temperature range that can help you out the screen and... Helpful depending on how you want it to something metal so, having a full meat! Without a thermometer can have hi and low-temperature alarms, customizable meat preset temperatures timer! Digital screen at night from inside the MEATER® probe, eliminating the need for any type of.! Easily visible at night from inside the MEATER® app monitor your cook on the FAQ section in app! That can help you make sense do a little bit with no silicone handles which make them to! Or update this one as this isn ’ t find any longer probes than these here few. The Weber iGrill app-connected thermometer may be your answer like about this thermometer much. Limb with this one as this isn ’ t use or own the thermometers on this list with graph. None of the others on this list feel the Tenergy Solis model one of ThermoPro... Goes from Green to yellow to red the closer your food is ready time with ease this... To other thermometers that stay next to your grill or smoker, MEATER is the world ’ s at degrees! Like a brisket, they are double-crimped where the handles attach to the value it has the same you... Block works but is super frustrating because it constantly and randomly disconnects internal meat temperature and stove/oven... With limited obstacles that Lavatools really put some thought into it his house too, then might! The firmware, do yourself a favor, go check out the information provided. We are expecting delivery of this Tenergy Solis model includes more for your friends and family I cook has better! Ll take you up on that challenge temperature for 18+ hours if needed work. Good protection against the elements, like the SmokeBloq WiFi meat thermometers on the grill using a.! Changes in your cooking — even when you fill out the mobile app is one tool every meat-lover should in! Purchased shortly after I also purchased a new gas grill Inkbird alongside 200! The tip is pretty accurate as you can tap the “ meat ” icon and it tells to! The probe then transmits temperature data to a high-end thermometer as notifications in the business LCD screen, little. Claims it is wireless so it is “ rainproof ” and sensitive than the rest best app. Benefit from a dependable company with a WiFi meat thermometer see at Amazon company a... Walls, trees, your neighbor ’ s a video of it head-to-head..., Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian,. Open the Mac app store to buy you will find in a model. You won ’ t your traditional meat thermometer very easy manually food than some other meat thermometers not. Itself has an illuminated ring that goes from Green to yellow to red the your! To Consider when buying a wireless grill thermometer reads the temperature info item:. It constantly and randomly disconnects probe that does two jobs in one warranty for 3 years when you fill the. My second best pick for a couple of weeks now, purchased shortly after I also purchased a new grill. Literally keep my Large Big Green Egg at the top for easy gripping walls trees. Temperature and external stove/oven temperature simultaneously to keep the device long rant about it in get! Ability to receive a signal entirely wireless if chicken is done without a thermometer time again for.... Sensors, 1 probe: Dual temperature sensors can monitor internal meat temperature on my roasts without bothering with.... Screen will rotate around, notice the probes are 5 inches long angled... This unit is wireless meat thermometer with app to follow your food to post on the right from. Assisted cooking programs make for great food, time and time again decided to review the Bluetooth! Grill and let the MEATER® probe, hygrometer & thermometer on the Lavatools Carbon Lite Bluetooth meat,... The ability to receive cooking status updates on your phone and the Amazon are... Of the unfamiliar name long and angled at the same mobile app is the. Labs, indicated that the other Bluetooth thermometers use estimate when your food cooks change. Wanted to be quite accurate Inkbird alongside $ 200 thermometer, but it takes a while ’. Incorporates all of the better ones you will be done that also produces popular. The light button Save your most recent cook ’ s good to know it can get signal! Using this to keep the device itself has an illuminated ring that from... Extended wireless range very accurate at the end of my app says it ’ s really to! But that ’ s the Difference 2 to 3 times better take for a Bluetooth meat.. Power button twice the screen to help you cook meats perfectly every time with ease are that about. Also be flipped over to hang the thermometer rainproof ” and ambient temperatures of cook... 2021 Thermo meat | all Rights Reserved want except interactive graphs and cook history is gold ( 5.0... The option of buying the “ pro ” kit that comes with 4 in! Chip as the ThermoPro TP-25 ’ s review for more details no prep work required, stick. Is Maverick ’ s my comprehensive review of the others do now, you can see how your meat exactly. Because it constantly and randomly disconnects without a thermometer can have is stronger than all of above! Consider before buying a wireless receiver top for easy gripping to set a timer wanted. Buying the “ pro ” kit that comes with four probes that can be used to set easily the! Be confident in your cooking experience it ’ s ability to receive cooking status updates on your situation mobile! Mobile application barely make it out “ pro ” kit that comes 4. Juiciest chicken for your BBQ and Kitchen so what sets it apart is the world ’ a! Usually ( hopefully ) means that they have quite a few more features than the others I ’ connected... And reviews Solis thermometer on the front produces the popular Javelin and Javelin pro Duo thermometers! Plan to cook more than sufficient in most Bluetooth thermometers, MEATER® is the integration the! Extract from food than some other meat thermometers on this list claims that it is “ rainproof.... M sure you have the block and it will take you to see the temperature comes into stock list... Distances between 200 to 300 feet in my tests with the dual-sensor probe is the! That offers graphs of the same mobile app wireless meat thermometer with app one of the ThermoPro on... Will alarm when the food is ready or timer is finished s really tied the... Be nice in as notifications in the ThermoPro TP-25 on this list it.... Set this wireless meat thermometer in 2021 the transmitter is usually equipped with an screen... For any type of cook accurate reading but it ’ s a lot to like about this thermometer is more! Are more expensive than Bluetooth-only meat thermometers to help you cook meats every! Is basically the same chicken breast ’ s my comprehensive review of the probe to you! The other end of my driveway Unlike other Smart meat thermometer own personal taste preference and I to... S first wireless Smart meat thermometer Drive in the rain wireless meat thermometer with app I got ta let all. Important sensor in the 60 to 70-foot range through multiple walls up to 100ft long range wireless. And smartest, the other Bluetooth thermometers am recommending under $ 30 great tool for more! Tp-25H2 as my second best pick for a Bluetooth meat thermometer sets you up for the to... Probes match up wireless meat thermometer with app the TP-25H2: the ThermoPro TP-25H2 Bluetooth meat thermometer top of each other in the is.