:) it really helped me in deciding on whether or not I should buy this pair online. Tied hair or hair in a bun will suit the palazzo pants outfit more. You can wear it to work, a party, or a meeting. Embellished and stylish pants can make for a great statement outfit. The printed heart top looks well with the red hot pants. Pair the palazzo with a short tops either cropped or tank top and you have a great look. (r=(i=c[$.es]())[$.ex])&&(e[$.aE](i[$.IA]),!t||e[$.Gf]!==t);r=!$.z);}catch(n){u=!$.z,o=n;}finally{try{!r&&c[$.fg]&&c[$.fg]();}finally{if(u)throw o;}}break;case $.z:var e=[],r=!$.z,u=!$.BJ,o=void $.z;break;}}}(n,t);break;case $.z:if(Array[$.JE](n))return n;break;}}};break;case $.Bn:t.Tt=function(){for($._Bf=$.z;$._Bf<$.FH;$._Bf+=$.BJ){switch($._Bf){case $.Bn:if(o&&i)return!$.z;break;case $.BJ:if(e+s